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Build your game

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premiere goaltender

development program!!

RSG3 (High Performance)

RSG3 is the mid level in our development program.

The emphasis of the RSG3 progression is working towards honing tactical and transitional skills and expediting a goaltender's physiological and psychological resource development. Goaltenders are expected to have outstanding technical skill and be in superior athletic condition prior to registering for this program. 

On-ice, goaltenders will embark on a detailed analysis of shot preparation and positional play to see how it can be properly integrated into their style of goaltending. It is here that goaltenders will begin to blend their “up” game with their “down” game. This is done by integrating highly efficient down mobility into their game. These modern methodologies represent the forefront of goaltender development. Dynamic post-save response dovetails with the goalie’s primary objective which is to occupy space and then be reactive, as required, off of this core coverage.

Offensive and defensive strategies will be reviewed to determine how to play a greater role in team transition while tactically, creative stick use is established. Finally, this program will interface with the participant's physical and mental preparation for upcoming training camps and the season.

The RSG3 program is designed for amateur goaltenders who demonstrate outstanding technical skills. To be eligible for this program goalies must be at least twelve years of age and demonstrate highly refined skills in the areas described above. They must be playing at the highest level for their age bracket (e.g.AAA, Travel Team, Varsity High School, etc.). This program takes the areas that were introduced in the Advanced development level and applies a greater and more sophisticated emphasis. 

The RSG3 program is designed to take a goaltender with a strong fundamental base and begin to introduce more advanced teachings in the areas of:

  • Advanced Positional Play (Up and Down)
  • Advanced Shot Preparation Skills
  • Development of a Center-Net Game
  • Dynamic Post-Save Response
  • Enhanced Body, Angle and Depth Components including enhancing width and compactness

RSG3 should be considered for goaltenders in the following categories:

  • Are Peewee, Bantam or Midget age;
  • Have attended RSG or other specialized goaltending programs in the past;
  • Have a strong “Level of Play” indicator;
  • Demonstrate strong aspirations to compete at higher levels (all-star, AAA, etc.);
  • Are on the bubble between RSG2 and RSG3, have previously been to RSG camps, and want to make the jump to the next level; these goaltenders should be more aggressive with their camp choice; or,
  • Are on the bubble between RSG3 and RSG4 but do not have aspirations of playing at elite levels (AAA, HPP, Junior A, Major Junior, etc.); these athletes still want to be very well schooled in strong technical skills but are better suited for RSG3 than the elite level.

The RSG3 curriculum is available as a week long summer camp as well as a 24-week weekly winter program; in addition, we often offer this curriculum in a compressed 6 or 8-week weekly spring program (if demand exists)